Minimal-invasive Mitralklappenoperation mit MCS + ECMELLA 2.0
Außerdem: Covid-19 Erfahrungen aus dem UK Essen

7th July 2020 18:00 - 19:30 CET

Expert Speaker: Dr. Bastian Schmack Universiätsklinik Essen, DE

Moderation: Dr. Andreas Goetzenich Abiomed Medical Office


Dr. Bastian Schmack

(Universiätsklinik Essen, DE)

Dr. Bastian Schmack

Geschäftsführender Oberarzt der Klinik, Bereichsleiter Herzinsuffizienzchirurgie
Facharzt für Herzchirurgie
Zusatzbezeichnung herzchirurgische Intensivmedizin
DGTHG Zertifikat Invasive Therapie der Herz- und Lungeninsuffizienz

Herz- und Lungeninsuffizienz, mechanische Kreislaufunterstützung
Tissue Engineering

Herztransplantation und mechanische Kreislaufunterstützung
Total-arterielle Koronarrevaskularisation
Nahtlose Herzklappenchirurgie


13th July 2020 5:00pm -7:00pm

Chair: Dott. Giacomo Boccuzzi,
S. Giovanni Bosco, Torino
Moderator: Dott. Salvatore Colangelo,
S. Giovanni Bosco, Torino
Dott.ssa Paola Zanini,
S. Giovanni Bosco, Torino
Dott. Francesco Colombo,
S. Giovanni Bosco, Torino
Dott. Mario Iannaccone,
S. Giovanni Bosco, Torino

5:00pm – 5:05pm Introduction Dott Boccuzzi
5:05pm – 5: 25pm Why Use Impella Dott Colangelo
5:25pm – 5:40pm Treatment strategies with MCS to achieve complete revascularization (Case in the box) Dott Colombo
5:40pm – 5:55pm Impella in CGS (Case in the box) Dott Iannaccone
5:55pm – 6:05pm Q&A All
6:05pm – 6:20pm Access and Closure (Case in the box) Dott Boccuzzi
6:20pm – 6:40pm ICU Management (Case in the box) Dott Colangelo/dott.ssa Zanini
6:40pm – 7:00pm Q&A Conclusions Dott Boccuzzi/all


Dr. Sern Lim

(Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK)

Dr Sern Lim

Dr Lim is a Consultant Cardiologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. As the lead Cardiologist for the Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support Programme, Dr Lim is directly involved in the management of patients with advanced heart failure and cardiogenic shock, including insertion and management of percutaneous mechanical circulatory support. Dr Lim has presented at national and international meetings and authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers, including reviews on extracorporeal life support and ventricular assist devices.

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Associate Prof. Jan Belohlavek

(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)

Associate Prof. Jan Belohlavek

Cardiologist, intensivist in Prague, Czech Republic. Certified in cardiology, angiology and critical care, licenced in invasive cardiology. In charge of cardiac intensive care, ECMO team coordinator. Main clinical and research focus on refractory cardiac arrest, ECMO reperfusion, microcirculation, different ECMO settings and reperfusion. Investigator of the Prague OHCA study comparing hyperinvasive approach – ECPR to standard therapy in refractory cardiac arrest. Participates also on ECMO-CS, cardiogenic shock study evaluating the role of ECMO in severe cardiogenic shock. Chair of the Czech Association of Acute Cardiology, member and the President of the EURO-ELSO steering committee, Chairmain of the EURO-ELSO 2018 congress in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Past Online Expert Presentations and Webinars

Date Speaker Presentation Language
6/30/2020 Dr. Rocco Sclafani
Ospedale Santa Maria della Misericordia, Perugia
Dr. Renato Valenti
Careggi, Firenze
Moderator: Dr.Paolo Pagnotta
Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Rozzano
CASE CLUB: Challenging cases in structural heart with Impella support Italian
6/25/2020 Dr. Gunther Schmidt
Charité Campus Virchow Klinikum
Dr. Birgit Markus
UKGM Marburg
Dr. Christian Napp
MH Hannover
Dr. Frank Spillmann
Charité Campus Virchow Klinikum
6/17/2020 Associate Prof. Jan Belohlavek
Head of Coronary Care Unit President EuroElso
(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)
Cardiogenic Shock and ICU Management English
6/16/2020 Dr. Jörn Tongers
Leitender Oberarzt Kardiologie
(Uniklinikum Halle (Saale), DE)
Management großlumiger Zugänge + Covid-19: Update aus dem UKH Halle German
6/15/2020 Dr. Jonathan Hill
Consultant cardiologist at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, UK
Best Practices in Protected PCI English
5/27/2020 Dr. Vas Panoulas
Consultant cardiologist at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, UK
Best Practices in Cardiogenic Shock English
5/27/2020 Prof. Dr. Ralf Westenfeld
Deputy Director of Cardiology and Heart Failure Therapy
(Unversity Hospital Dusseldorf, DE)
Kidney Protection in High Risk Cardiac Interventions English
5/25/2020 Dr. Mehmet Oezkur
Oberarzt Herzchirurgie, Leiter mechanische Kreislaufunterstützungssysteme (Universitätsklinik Bonn, DE)
Rechtsherzversagen – erkennen und behandeln + Covid-19: Erfahrungen aus dem UK Bonn German
5/11/2020 Prof. Dr. Ralf Westenfeld
Oberarzt Kardiologie,Leiter Herzinsuffizienz, Notfall- und Rettungsmedizin
(Universitätsklinik Düsseldorf, DE)
Nierenprotektion in der Hochrisiko-Intervention + Covid-19: erste Erfahrungen aus dem UK Düsseldorf German
4/27/2020 Dr. Alexander Bernhardt
Oberarzt Herzchirurgie, Leiter Herztransplantation, Leiter Herzunterstützungssysteme
(UKE Hamburg, DE)
LV Unloading aus Sicht eines Herzchirurgen + Covid-19: erste Erfahrungen aus dem UKE German

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Speakers Presentation
Dr. Alexander Bernhardt
(UKE, Hamburg, DE)
LV Unloading from the Surgeon point of view
Pr. Ralf Westenfeld
(Univ. Dusseldorf, DE)
Kidney Protection in high Risk Intervention
Dr. Mehmet Oezkur
(Univ. Bonn, DE)
Right Heart Failure, from diagnostic to treatment
Dr. Jörn Tongers
(MH, Hannover, DE)
Large Bore Access Management
Dr. Bastian Schmack
(Univ. Essen, DE)
MitralClip procedure supported with Impella
Speakers Presentation
Pr. Jan Belohlavek
(Charles Univ. Prague, Czech)
Protected PCI/ ICU Management (Prague Experience)
Dr Vas Panoulas
(Royal Brompton & Harefield, UK)
High Risk PCI during COVID
Pr. Ralf Westenfeld
(Univ. Dusseldorf, DE)
Kidney Protection in high Risk Intervention
Speakers Presentation
Dr. Rocco Sclafani
(Perugia, IT)
Dr. Paolo Pagnotta
(Rozzano, IT)
Challenging case in structural heart with Impella support

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